Programmatically Scrape the Chinese Internet for Market Insight

China Programmatic Scraping and Market Research - Web Presence in ChinaDuring 10 years in the China digital space, Web Presence In China develops highly sophisticated software to scrape China’s biggest Internet platforms, including Alibaba, Baidu, JD, Sina, Tencent. Technology gives both retail brands and investment funds an advantage in strategizing for China.

Programmatic scraping technology deploys ‘bots’ into the Internet to collect data from app stores, ecommerce sites and websites. Data is then stored and automatically categorized for analysis. WPIC verifies and filters the data, delivering comprehensive reports for their clientele.

WPIC’s Data Analysis Division produces business intelligence and market analysis reports for Fortune 500 companies that are custom-built for individual strategies and goals. These reports provide deep insight into opportunities in China including market demand, highest-growth paths, least/most competitive market segments, inventory optimization, seasonality, competitive analysis, and economical media opportunities.

Ongoing efficient and accurate data collection is crucial for strategic decision-making in the China market. WPIC has developed a proprietary Chinalytics web analytics platform, specifically designed for in-China data collection and ideal for activating in unison with data scraping initiatives. Data available on the platform provides includes entry and exit pages, social media usage, time on page and other web metrics, geographic location, demographics, operating systems, device types, and other client requirements.

Using these tools allows brands to form a solid positioning strategy leading to an aggressive capture of China market share. From reliable data, budgets can be optimized by avoiding high-cost, low-benefit, saturated channels and can provide transparency on ideal sales platforms, marketing verticals, and high-growth user segments.

“Using data scraping and analytics allows WPIC to map out long term growth strategies for our clients in China. Not only does the technology allow clients to get ‘ahead of the curve’, but it also continues to pay dividends by optimizing high-ROI marketing efforts like Paid Search,” states WPIC Director, Joseph Cooke. “By using technology to compare ad campaign costs to dollar amounts of closed sales, a clear picture of ROI can be illustrated.”

With robust data and accurate reporting, companies can confidently implement aggressive China strategies to capture market share.