Web Presence In China to Address Outdoor Industry Association

oia_logo-205Coming off of an extremely successful few years in the apparel industry in China, Joseph Cooke has been invited to speak at Outdoor Industry Association Rendezvous in Seattle on October 6, 2015. Cooke is a partner in Web Presence in China, a full-service digital agency based in Beijing, China. Having worked with over 200 global brands in China, he will speak to its online marketplace, the recent events with the market adjustments, strategies to building a winning formula online for your brand, as well as how to protect and recover your intellectual property.

“The online marketplace in China is its own ecosystem within the larger World Wide Web, with its own major ecommerce platforms, methods of online payment, and cross-border and regulatory concerns,” says Cooke. “The Great Firewall of China further adds to the complexities of reliably obtaining customer information, website stability, load time and security”.

As Rich Harper, Policy Advisor for Outdoor Industry Association states, “In a city that looks west across the Pacific, Seattle is the ideal location for the outdoor industry to learn more about new export opportunities in the Pacific Rim. We’re excited to have Joseph Cooke join us at Rendezvous for a lively discussion about the new economy in China, the growing middle class consumer base and how outdoor companies can use the online marketplace to bring their innovative products to China and protect their IP.”

The recent China economic headlines have added to global brands’ confusion for China-bound investment. However, the rapid growth of ecommerce in China coupled with limited availability of China optimized ecommerce stores for outdoor apparel and equipment presents an opportunity to capture market share. As Cooke is advising the OIA group, “as the old China economy slows down, China’s new economy is enjoying 15%+ YoY growth.”

Cooke informs us that many outdoor apparel brands have limited exposure in China, often only through resellers and in retail environments. This strategy either results in a poor brand experience for the customer, or lower than expected sales, due to the preference for online purchases.

Gathering market data, such as where in China your competitors sell, how much of each size they stock and seasonality, combined with aggressive Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns to capture customer data and generate sales is a low-cost, quick way to move the needle.

Cooke will speak to tactics on winning in China. From building ecommerce platforms that fit China customer expectations, either free standing or combined with a 3rd party platform such as Tmall to complete the transaction, to enabling Mobility to overall Trademark protection and managing your traffic strategy.

Trademark, counterfeit and grey market violators are an ongoing concern. Cooke states that developing a unique brand experience relies on controlling distribution channels and eliminating fake products. “China has strict regulations regarding trademark protection and with agency assistance, violators can be removed from the online market on an ongoing basis.”.