WPIC is Appointed Agency of Record for US Meat Export Federation

US_Meat_Export_Federation_logo.110224716_largeAfter a rigorous RFP process, WPIC is thrilled to have been appointed the USMEF’s China digital agency of record. Key actions have included a brand new Chinese website, in-China hosting, interactive games and event promotion for China social media platforms, and video platforms for USMEF content.

With the rapid rise of the middle class, China now consumes twice as much meat as the US.  During rise of demand, the reputation of the China food industry has been negatively affected by numerous food scandals. This creates an opportunity for global competitors to expand their marketing efforts in China and establish themselves as a premium international brand.

“Gaining market share in China can be achieved without massive cost,” says Joseph Cooke, Director of Web Presence In China.  “The rapid growth of Internet users in China means low-hanging fruit, if you know where to look.” The USMEF China website was adapted to meet Chinese consumers demands, hosted in China to ensure maximum up-time and fast load times, with customized video and social media functionality.

Wechat is China’s most popular social media platform and functions as Facebook, Paypal, and Whatsapp all in one. WPIC developed a Wechat posting function so user comments appear on the website and unique QR codes used for on-location approval for vouchers and coupons.  This advanced integration into WPIC event promotion efforts resulted in a 345% growth in followers in less than two months.

Social media is one approach to building your brand, as long as it’s combined with specific metrics to measure success. “Pay-per-click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts are often the most effective ways to build traffic to your website, as they can be scientifically optimized and measured,” stated Cooke. “Exact PPC ROI can be calculated by comparing ad campaign costs to dollar amounts of closed sales.”

Regardless of the method for driving website traffic or direct sales, efficient and accurate data collection is crucial for strategic decision-making.  USMEF benefits from WPIC’s proprietary Chinalytics web analytics platform, which is specifically designed for in-China data collection. Data collected can include where visitors came from, where and how long they visited a website, where they left to, along with geographic location, demographics, operating system, hardware info, and much more.