Search and Destroy: Counterfeit and Grey Market in China

IP Protection - seek and destroy - web presence in chinaHow do you find counterfeiters in China online? If there are one or two, easy. But what if there are hundreds, or even thousands? Do you even know how many are out there?

Scrape the web and boost revenue fast.

China’s transition from export-based to a consumer economy has happened with never before seen speed. This, combined with it’s enormous population and thousands of online selling platforms has cause an explosion in counterfeit production, trademark infringement and black/grey market trade.

This can greatly impact your company’s bottom line. Unnecessary competition, as well as poor quality fakes not only hurt revenue, but also one’s long-term brand equity. Disappointed customers who bought fake products, thinking they were real, will be expensive to recoup.

Grey market trade is also a concern, as it prevents the company from having complete control over how their brand experience is delivered. Identifying grey market helps one better understand how the products came into unauthorized channels.

What about unauthorized content on the web? WPIC clients are often awestruck at the amount of confidential information that can be found through simple Baidu searches. Information such as R&D data, ingredients, machine blueprints, internal presentations and financials must be identified through a carefully structured scraping campaign and be deployed on a monthly basis to ensure newly posted materials are spotted before the damage has been done.

Finding all the snakes in the grass can’t be done without some serious technological capability. Programmatic scraping customized for individual companies and products are necessary for identifying numerous violators on multiple platforms.

Leveraging both scraping technology and its new Discripto engine, WPIC can ramp up on a never-before-seen scale finding hundreds or thousands of violations in a short timeframe to empower strategic decisions for the next step: destroy the violators and reap the rewards.

Web Presence In China (WPIC) has been successfully scraping the web for trademark infringement in China for years. In 2015, WPIC increased its elimination levels from 75% up to 95-99%. “By eliminating violators of your Trademark online in China, brands see immediate spikes in conversions and accelerated growth. We’re finding that marketers and legal professionals are coming together to leverage these tools,” says Joseph Cooke, Director of Web Presence In China.