Email Marketing in China

Email Marketing in CHina


Email marketing in China is one of the most cost effective forms of digital advertising. In China, Email Direct Marketing (EDM) makes up a large share of the advertising industry. It is important to account for several things when planning an email campaign. Anti-spam regulations, EDM service providers, cultural adaptability of visuals and content as well as complementary means of communication are essential when preparing a mass email send out.

China, like many other countries, has anti-spam laws and regulations in place that are intended to limit the number of unsolicited messages sent. Non-compliance with laws can result in an IP address and domain being blocked indefinitely, making the website inaccessible in China. Chinese regulations are stricter compared to Western ones; all users within the territory of China must comply with the regulations. To stay within the legal framework when exploiting Email Direct Marketing campaigns several rules must be followed. Some of them are: an “unsubscribe” link should be included inside the email; no political topics or other sensitive content should be discussed in the email; campaigns must only be sent to the people who subscribed to the mailing list voluntarily.

Another challenge that will arise when preparing marketing campaigns is choosing the right email marketing provider. MailChimp, Constant Contact and other commonly-used EDM providers that are common-place the West are not good options for the Chinese market. They do not work flawlessly with China’s ISPs and are not ready for the volume of the send out. Moreover, it is widely recognized that Western EDM providers result in very high deliverability rates (80-90% bounce is common).  It is best to choose an email marketing provider that specializes in the Chinese market. Since the subscribers should sign up for the send outs voluntarily, the best way to get attention to the company is through popular channels such as Baidu or WeChat. Subscription forms on social media platforms will give an opportunity reach larger groups of potential clients. Also, it is best to offer incentives to opt-in, such as coupons, complimentary services and/or gifts.

To perform a successful marketing campaign, it is great to account for the purchasing behaviour of the target market. China’s geographical areas differ both economically and culturally. Thus, many companies target local audiences to drive the most attention to their products and services. Adapted visuals and content will drive more attention to the campaigns.

As most global email marketing providers fall flat in China, the frequency and competition is quite low – the result is that there is a massive opportunity for companies that choose to deploy a China-optimized EDM service. Web Presence In China launched a China-hosted and locally optimized email marketing platform in 2015 and has been experience deliverability rates of 85-95%. By hosting locally, rewriting message headers and optimizing code for China, brands have been experiencing this local solution with tremendous results.

Web Presence In China (WPIC) provides digital marketing and IT services to global companies looking to grow in the Chinese market and to optimize their web presence and increase online revenues. With offices spread globally, we can help with email direct marketing, organic search, pay per click and other marketing services in China.