5 Interesting Facts About Baidu.

Facts about BaiduBaidu is the largest provider of internet search solutions and online marketing services in China. Here are 5 interesting facts about Baidu:

1)   Baidu is the largest search engine in China.

Baidu accounts for over 70% of search engine market share in China. It does have competitors; however, they are too small in size and revenue to compete with Baidu. Over 90% of China uses Baidu as a search engine. The Chinese search engine has and operates almost every Google alternative such as AdWords, Translate, Maps and others. When operating in China, it is best to use well-known platforms. Baidu, therefore, is a great choice for companies who want to connect with the Chinese market.

2) Chinese internet users like online ads.

Unlike Western internet users, Chinese consumers do not mind online ads. Almost 50% of users are targeted daily by internet advertising. Baidu PPC is a great source of online advertising and a big hit among businesses as it drives more return compared to Western PPC.

3) Chinese customers spend a lot of money online.

According to the Nielsen report, Chinese consumers use Baidu to find products they like. Report suggests that customers buy nearly everything online. The top 5 items which people bought online last year were body wash, paper towels, shampoo, laundry detergent and toothpaste. Taking this fact into account, the Chinese eCommerce industry provides tremendous opportunities for businesses operating in China’s market.

4) Baidu SEO is not that easy.

Around 20% of the traffic on Baidu is redirected to Baidu’s subsidiary sites, such as Baidu News, Baidy Baike and Baidu Zhidao. In other words, Baidu puts its own websites on the top places in the search results. As a result, obtaining top ranks in terms of SEO is challenging for brands. In order to have a strong SEO presence, brands need to have a large number of backlinks and keywords.

5) Baidu sells bikes and builds driverless cars.

Baidu operations are not locked in the online space only. In 2014, Baidu announced and launched DuBike – a smart bike that allows you to charge your phone, has a built-in GPS function to customize routes and do other outstanding things. Another exciting project created by Baidu is its driverless cars. The company is planning to put the cars into mass production by 2020.

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