7 Reasons to Use a China Digital Marketing Agency!


China Digital Marketing AgencyThe Chinese Market

In a country where consumer tastes and preferences are constantly changing, the need for brands and companies to understand their target customer has become increasingly essential. In 2013 China became the second largest economy in the world, behind only the United States. Over the past decade, China’s economy grew 7 times as fast as the United States (316% growth vs 43%). It is becoming increasingly attractive for brands to setup shop in China due to its huge consumer base and high level of spending confidence. When executed correctly, this highly lucrative country offers amazing ROI for brands looking to grow their global presence.

Deploying a market strategy that has been successful in one country may not be successful in another. This is especially true for China, where everything from site hosting and design, to language settings/preferences, to links/images used must be deeply localized for the target market. In addition, strict internet security laws and regulations mean that many popular sites that brands regularly use to promote themselves are blocked within mainland China.  As a result, being aware of the possible alternatives available is vital to an effective go-to-market strategy.

Why use a China Digital Marketing Agency?

Having a China digital marketing agency spearhead your pursuits guarantees brands both extensive market knowledge and expertise, as well as numerous other benefits. Here are the top 7 reasons why brands should collaborate with a China digital marketing agency:

  1. Market Experts – Having an in-depth understanding of the market, as well as consumer tastes and preferences allows brands to execute important decisions prior to market entry. This can save both time and resources, and ultimately make or break the brands success.
  2. Website Design – Local preferences must be accounted for when designing your China site. This means tailoring the language, images, content and links on your site. China digital marketing agencies would be experts at design and maintenance of Chinese sites, allowing brands to feel safe that they are complying with all online aspects.
  3. Local Hosting – Strict internet laws in China mean brands must host their site locally within the China firewall or face high-load times. China digital marketing agencies would locally host Chinese websites ensuring smooth and fast load-times.
  4. Social Media – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter are all blocked inside China. As a result, a number of China social media sites (RenRen, Youku, WeChat) are being used by millions of Chinese individuals every day. Social is king in China and by tapping into it and creating a strong social presence, brands can effectively market themselves to potential and existing customers. Deploying social media campaigns inside of China can often be confusing and difficult. By allowing a digital marketing agency who focuses on the China market to control your digital platforms, you will see greater success.
  5. SEO/PPC – Digital advertising in the west is largely dominated by Google. However, as Google is unavailable in China, brands must reassess their digital marketing efforts. Baidu is the largest search engine in China and if brands want to be found there, they must deploy effective Baidu SEO and PPC campaigns. Although similar in interface to Google, organising and creating advertising campaigns can be challenging, which is why allowing an agency who understand and specialise in digital marketing in China can be far more effective.
  6. China Data and Analytics – Knowing what products sell and what don’t is vitally important. It can save brands huge amounts of time and money in product promotion and overhead costs. WPIC launched ‘Chinalytics®’, the only China-hosted analytics software that allows you to see how your customers are finding you and how they are navigating through your site.
  7. Counterfeit Protection – Counterfeiting is commonplace in China. Removing trademark violators, counterfeiters and grey market resellers is critical for brands to be successful. By leveraging long-standing relationships with China platforms, China digital marketing agencies, such as WPIC, can quickly remove violators, ensuring top rankings on search engines, reducing advertising competition and protecting your unique brand experience.

It is clear, from the above list, that co-operating with a China digital marketing agency is essential for brands China pursuits. By banding together, companies can save a huge amount of time and resources. Ultimately, it can bring either total success or total failure.

Beijing-based Web Presence In China (WPIC) is an independent, full service digital marketing and IT development agency. Having over 13 years of on the ground experience in the China digital sector, the firm has worked with over 300 global companies and leads a team of 120 people between their global offices. WPIC supports China and the greater APAC region in digital and IT solutions.