How to register a WeChat Corporate Account

WeChat Corporate AccountSetting up an account on WeChat is a great start in participating in Chinese social media. With an accelerating number of users on the platform, being part of this community will benefit a brand or business greatly. For an individual, becoming a member on WeChat is straightforward, however, for a business it can be a more complicated setup. Signing up for a WeChat corporate account requires a number of procedures: acquiring business licenses; getting product approvals and others. Many brands find these processes time-consuming and confusing.

Subscription or Service?

The first step, before registering WeChat Corporate Account, is to decide which account to use. Two types of accounts are available: subscription account and service account. It is important to make the right decision, as there will be no opportunity to switch the accounts after the registration.

Subscription accounts allow potential consumers to subscribe to the page and follow its updates. This type of account is easier to set up and maintain compared to a service one. If an organization is planning on publishing a lot of content, this type of account is a great fit. At the same time, subscription accounts are very limited in their capabilities – only one piece of content can be published on the page per day and no push notifications are sent to the subscribers.

Service accounts offer more features to brands including interactive menus and electronic payment options. Users can get in touch with brands and get a reply within 48 hours. Unlike subscription accounts, this type allows brands to only publish content 4 times a month. Thus, if the brand’s main objective is to publish content, it is better to opt in for a subscription account. Through service accounts WeChat users are able to scroll over the menus and purchase products they liked.

Registration: what documents should be prepared?

To sign up with a WeChat Corporate Account, businesses have to go through a number of legal actions. In order to start the process, brands should acquire the necessary Chinese business licenses. This will give an opportunity to have up to 40 accounts on the WeChat app. In order to sell products on the WeChat app, product approvals are required. The process of getting a business license and product approvals is not overly difficult, but it is both time consuming and confusing for non-Chinese organizations. Web Presence In China assisted dozens of organizations in setting up these accounts, without the arduous process of establishing business licenses. Moreover, WPIC is able to customize WeChat corporate pages to help brands stand out on the huge Chinese online market.

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