B2B opportunities in China

B2B opportunities in ChinaMany foreign companies are seeking answers on how to market or sell products and services to other companies in China. Companies planning to enter the market are looking to profit from the huge potential of the mainland. Massive economic growth during the last decade brought unique business systems and practices. The differences between East-West systems create challenges for foreign organizations to succeed in the China’s B2B market.

One of the main secret to success in the Chinese market is to set up the right communications with potential clients. China has the largest online community in the world, which makes the online communications number one when building relationships with the customers.


Clear and informative company website will generate huge interest from the Chinese community. To make the website easily accessible in the mainland, it had to be hosted inside the great firewall. Furthermore, a Chinese domain will give an opportunity to have fast loading time and be highly ranked on Baidu (the largest search engine in China). If the website is hosted outside of China, customers will experience long loading times of the website as well as the website will be ignored by the Chinese search engines thus driving no organic search.

Social Media Engagement

Social media marketing in China is very popular due to social mistrust to traditional media channels. Over 90% of online community use social media apps, with many consumers regularly interacting and posting questions online. It is important to get familiar with social media channels in China as they are quite different from the Western ones. The most popular app for doing business and communicating with clients is WeChat. Today, it is the biggest social platform in China that holds a lot of opportunities for corporate communications.


B2B opportunities in China are endless. China is a positive market environment for foreign firms, as “Western” products and services are associated with trust and quality among the Chinese community. Furthermore, China is a very diverse country, thus when identifying the best location and target group for doing business, it is best to find “hot areas” with low competition and high demand for the products or services. Discripto™ is the best source to identify the search volume and demand for the products; it collects all the information in the Chinese online space and reports the market trends that will allow to identify the target market for the product.

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