Do you know how long it takes American Eagle Outfitters website to load in China?

loading time in ChinaSlow loading times are a big issue for foreign brands that operate in the Chinese online market as it can ruin a customer’s website experience. Online users prefer speedy websites and when a website loads slowly, they will lose their patience, close the tab and are unlikely to return back to the page. In order to demonstrate the following issue in practice, the American Eagle Outfitters website’s loading time will be analyzed.

American Eagle Outfitters is an American clothing brand that is widely known around the world. Consumers can purchase AE products online as well as in stores in China. To identify the web loading speed, WPIC ran a test for “”. The web page is an eCommerce platform, where customers can purchase products and ship it to any location. The test was performed during low traffic time hours (4.00am). Here are the results:

  • Loading time is 12.2 seconds (Location: Beijing)
  • Loading time is unavailable (the website does not load at all) (Location: Shanghai)

According to the report, such long loading time results or unavailable results at all happen due to a number of issues:

  • No .cn domain
  • No ICP license
  • Not hosted in the Chinese market
  • Banned resources located on a website (Twitter icon, Facebook icon and others)

According to Slate, it took 30 seconds to load a website in 1985. It sounds unbelievable, but as shown above, some websites are still taking that long to load. The online community expects web pages to load within 2 seconds, and over 50% of the community will abandon the page once it takes more than 3 seconds. As for the Chinese online market, 30 second load times are not a rarity since many brands do not localize their websites – however the market will penalize those websites aggressively by abandoning them quickly. 

Testing. When it comes to delivering an outstanding website user experience, slow and steady website load times will ruin everything. Web Presence In China offers organizations complimentary speed testing from different locations in China and lets them know what are the main issues and areas in which they can improve. Contact us for a free website speed assessment.

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