WeChat App Development: Customize a WeChat Store

WeChat storeWeChat has become the most popular app in China. Usually referred as a social media channel, it is actually a far more advanced app. WeChat offers more than just messaging. Millions of users use it for paying bills, online shopping, scheduling meetings and appointments, group chats and many other features. One of the most striking features is WeChat eCommerce platform. It allows brands/users to sell products and services as well as communicate with consumers and subscribers directly. Many brands run various marketing campaigns on WeChat to drive online and offline sales. WeChat stores blends social media and eCommerce together creating new opportunities for businesses. To stand out on WeChat, brands need to tailor their stores in order to provide a personalized online customer experience.

“Custom interactive experiences inside of WeChat will attract a larger customer base and offer new customer experiences” emphasized Joseph Cooke, the President of Web Presence In China (WPIC). Building a tailored app for a brand inside of WeChat will give an opportunity to stand out in the market, boost sales and build and engage community.

Recently, WPIC designed and built custom WeChat account for US Meat Export Federation (USMEF). Personalized interface helped the brand meet and build the community and engage subscribers into different marketing campaigns. Aside from that, by leveraging QR codes at different conferences and events, USMEF was able to increase its user base dramatically.


WeChatAnother great example of WPIC’s custom development is ClearLake Wineries WeChat store. The store is intended to attract users with a custom, on-brand interface as well as subscription content. Users are able to purchase wine through WeChat directly or using WeChat Wallet. Aside from that, WPIC integrated the client’s CRM with WeChat store bringing user data management to a next level.


Beijing-based Web Presence In China (WPIC) is an independent, full service digital marketing and IT development agency. WPIC helps businesses setup and manage WeChat online stores. Having over 13 years of on the ground experience in the China digital sector, the firm has worked with over 300 global companies and leads a team of 120 people between their global offices. WPIC supports China and the greater APAC region in digital and IT solutions.