WeChat Store: 2 essential steps to succeed

WeChat storeWeChat is the largest social media channel in China. With over 1.1 billion registered users, WeChat offers almost infinite opportunities for both businesses and individuals. WeChat eCommerce became one of the most demanding features among all the app’s options. Brands that use WeChat eCommerce, find that it is crucial to know and engage with their consumers and subscribers to maximize revenues for their WeChat stores.

Brands spend a lot of time and resources identifying the right target market through completing market research. When operating in the Chinese market, finding the right market data can be confusing for Western Businesses. With very little data available, brands can only guess whom to target and how to market. Here are two steps that will gradually help when identifying the right target market:

Step 1: Before WeChat store is set up

Market research is a great source to analyze the market and decide on the next steps the brand will take. One of the most reliable data providers that will help to build effective report and analysis is Discripto™. Discripto™ is a powerful China data tool that programmatically downloads the Chinese internet information. With Discripto™, users have access to all the market data: transactional volumes, revenue forecasts, volume trends and many more. Information provided by Discripto™ will give an opportunity to build an effective marketing strategy to drive the revenues of WeChat stores.

Step 2: After WeChat store is set up

Once a WeChat store is set up and running, it is important to gather all the user information. Google analytics, a web analytics platform that is widely used by Western countries does not provide reliable data in China. The leading China-hosted platform and a great web analytics software – Chinalytics® – is a must have for brands operating online in China. Chinalytics® is suitable for both: websites as well as WeChat stores. Regularly monitoring WeChat store analytics allows to review online activity, understand customers’ demands and trends and ensure business is moving in the right direction.

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