Chinalytics® 2.0 is launched!

Vancouver, BC – February 1, 2017, Chinalytics®, the leading China-hosted analytics platform, announced the launch of the highly anticipated new version of their software. Joseph Cooke, CEO of Chinalytics® states that the new version “provides new powerful features that open up tremendous opportunities to users and brands that want to unlock the mysterious web analytics inside of China and behin…

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Beijing 2022 Winter Games & China Firewall

2022 Winter Games

  The 2022 Beijing Games The Winter Games offer a global platform for brands to leverage the excitement to a worldwide audience, potentially driving huge revenue and publicity in a variety of industries. Millions of people gather together to watch the games and cheer for their country, while spending billions on various products and services. One of the key principles to be successful at a…

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Digital Advertising in China

Digital advertising in China

  Digital advertising in China is on the rise. Most businesses have already transitioned to digital advertising as opposed to traditional efforts. As a professional provider of digital marketing services, Web Presence in China would like to share some facts and insights about online advertising in China. With over 15 years of expertise in IT and digital marketing, WPIC has had outstanding…

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4C’s Marketing mix. Mainland China.

Marketing China

4C’s Marketing mix [Consumers, Cost, Communications, Convenience] gives an opportunity to get into customers’ shoes and look at the market from their standpoint. Whether you are a service provider or a global manufacturer, this model provides the guidelines you need to make your market share grow in China. Consumers. Firstly, find out what the customers’ needs and wants are. In other words,…

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China bans VPNs. More regulations in place and expected to come.

China bans VPNs

China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced mass Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) would be shut down in the country. The ministry mentioned that “China’s internet connection service market has signs of ­disordered development that ­require urgent regulation and governance”. This move will make it even harder for internet users to go through the Great Firewall. The new regulati…

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Host Your Website in China

host website China

Today, China has the largest digital marketplace (700+ Million online), and is expected to grow at a rate three times faster than the rest of the global retail industry. Domain .cn Having a local domain will give businesses an opportunity to communicate with their audience in the way they are used to. However, the process of getting a Chinese domain is getting more complicated as the government…

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Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year

  Chinese New Year: Traditions The Chinese New Year is the most celebrated holiday in China. In 2017 it will take place on January 28th, 2017. It is also known as the Spring Festival in China, and will last from January 27th to February 2nd. 2017 is the year of Rooster. Roosters are believed to be hardworking, talented and courageous. The purpose of celebrating this holiday is to celebr…

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2017 Trends in the Chinese Online Market

2017 Trends in China

  As 2017 has just started, it is a great time to talk about predictions and trends in the Chinese online market for the coming year. As a leading full service digital marketing agency, specializing in helping companies that are looking to enter China and/or those that are already operating in the Chinese market, we want to share with you some of our observations of what will be trending in…

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E-Store vs. Brick & Mortar: WPIC advises Canadian SME’s

China E-Store

This video series is developed by The Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) network in China and targets the needs of Canadian small-to-medium enterprises doing business, or considering to do business, in China. The videos focus on providing SMEs with expert advice on a variety of topics ranging from setting up a business presence in China, to protecting intellectual property, to leveraging e-commerce.…

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Nielsen’s, Sina Weibo Team Up for Closer Look at Chinese Social Media

BEIJING — Companies trying to attract customers through the Chinese social media are now getting some help to reach their target audiences. The U.S.-based Nielsen rating agency has reached a partnership agreement with China's Twitter-like social media service, Sina Weibo, to gauge marketing effectiveness on the platform, which has more than 200 million users. Del Levin, vice president of Shanghai…

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