How to register a WeChat Corporate Account

Setting up an account on WeChat is a great start in participating in Chinese social media. With an accelerating number of users on the platform, being part of this community will benefit a brand or business greatly. For an individual, becoming a member on WeChat is straightforward, however, for a business it can be a more complicated setup. Signing up for a WeChat corporate account requires a numb…

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Top 7 WeChat Trends.

wechat trends

WeChat is the largest messaging app in the world with over 1.1 billion users. Originally developed by Tencent in 2011, it has grown a mass number of users annually. Besides networking, its services include video calls, group chat, shake functions and payment functions. For businesses who are trying to get into the Chinese market, WeChat is a great platform to access potential customers. Here are 7…

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What is WeChat?

What is WeChat

  What is Wechat? WeChat has risen to become the most popular social and mobile app in China where it has over 1.1 billion registered accounts. The platform was developed by Chinese technology conglomerate Tencent (China’s first globally known internet brand) in January 2011 and has seen massive annual growth in users and popularity since. WeChat was the first application within China that…

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7 Quick Tips About Chinese Consumers

Chinese consumers

  The Chinese market has become one of the fastest growing and most lucrative markets in the world. Global attraction for brands is obvious due to the level of growth opportunities available. China’s online population recently reached 731 million people, equaling the entire population of Europe. E-commerce is a vital part of the government’s efforts to turn China into a consumer demand-dri…

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Chinese websites and their endless opportunities.

Chinese websites

Stats & Facts on Chinese Websites and Users The number of internet users in China – already the world’s highest -  reached 731 million in December 2016. That was a rise of 6.2% total internet users from the end of December 2015 and equals the entire population of Europe! With a staggering 695 million mobile users, or 95.1% of total internet users, in China typically spending 25 hours a…

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Digital growth in the Chinese Internet

Digital growth in China

  The Chinese Internet The digital ecosystem of Mainland China is far stricter and more complex than the global Internet ecosystem. In an attempt to limit politically sensitive information and reduce foreign influences into the country, many popular sites we use every day have been blocked (Facebook, Google, Youtube). In addition to popular websites, popular software platforms also struggle…

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Access reliable website analytics in China!

Website analytics in China

With the growing number of online consumers in Mainland China, setting up an e-commerce platform increases market opportunity and contributes greatly to ROI. But how can a brand optimize their Chinese website to drive even more growth? Accurate and relevant web analytics will give the opportunity to understand the users’ behavior in greater detail. In a complex market such as China, it is importan…

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10 Interesting Facts about China and its Economy

China facts

  Here are 10 less known facts about China and its economy: China is the second largest provider and the top receiver of foreign direct investment in the world. Some economists believe China will overtake the U.S in terms of GDP by the year 2020. However, as this is a prediction, many are estimating this will happen by 2018. By 2030, China will add more new city-dwellers than the…

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eCommerce website design and development in China.

eCommerce website development

China’s online market is booming and global companies are racing to set up an eCommerce platform to get a share of this growing market. China’s online industry is complicated. Thus, to develop a successful eCommerce strategy cultural, governmental and technical specifications should be considered. Mainland Chinese consumers are switching their habits from traditional to digital shopping. When e…

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Discripto™. China data. Unlocked.


What is Discripto? Discripto™ (WPIC’s High-powered Distributed Script Engine), is a powerful China data tool that programmatically downloads the Chinese internet based on specific parameters, then indexes and overlays the data to provide useful insights to provide clear decision making for maximum impact. Providing clear and accurate data and trends for the Chinese market, Discripto™ is a uniqu…

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