Developing APPs for China’s WeChat Platform: WPIC’s Advice As Approved Developer

China-Social-Media---Web-Presence-in-China-2The importance of WeChat or WeiXin (pronounced ‘Way-sheen’ in Chinese) has grown phenomenally since its release in 2011. As of August 2015, this mobile app has over 600 million users, with 70 million outside of China. WPIC demonstrates various digital strategies within the WeChat app, as approved developer for custom apps within the app.

Wechat has many functions, including voice and text messaging, video calls, games, a web browser, friends photo and video news feeds, maps with GPS, restaurant reviewing, and ability to use the app on a computer. The app also includes the popular WeChat wallet, where you can transfer money instantly to another WeChat account, or pay for online goods, taxis, restaurant bills, tickets, utilities, and more. A very useful app, indeed.

Having demonstrated its development abilities for years in China, Web Presence in China (WPIC) has now become an approved developer for China WeChat. WPIC is now developing apps that function inside of WeChat, allowing for brands to create custom social media experiences that can be tied back to revenue and conversions.

“Having custom-made interactive functionality inside WeChat attracts new visitors and keeps them within a carefully crafted experience,” says Jacob Cooke, CEO, WPIC.

Recently, WPIC was contracted to build custom WeChat functionality for the US Meat Export Federation (USMEF). A unique WeChat posting function was created to allow user comments to automatically appear on the WPIC-designed USMEF website.

WPIC also developed competition apps where users from various cities could register on page and invite friends to vote for them. The top ten would compete for prizes in an on-location promotional event, as meeting face-to-face is important for relationship building in Chinese business. Leveraging WeChat apps for in-person meetings (booking appointments, QR codes for on-location use, etc.) can lead to closed sales.

WPIC also developed an app that requires users to register, who could then vote for their favorite restaurant in five major cities in China. Winners would receive a QR code coupon, which could be brought to the chosen restaurant and scanned for payment of the bill.

These USMEF promotional activities, managed by apps within WeChat, led to a 345% increase in WeChat followers within 7 weeks, as well as large turnouts at the on-location promotional events.

The range of functionality within WeChat is limitless and largely untapped.

Custom apps within WeChat can increase WeChat followers and website traffic, funnel form fill leads to an in-China CRM, and assist leads to visit a company in person.

Custom apps can be tied to revenue and conversions, leading in a measurable, high ROI approach to Social Media Marketing.