China Web Hosting: Navigating Chinese Web Infrastructure with WPIC

China Hosting - Web Presence in China

One thing is clear, hosting your website in China is a must. Web Presence In China (WPIC) has been providing China web hosting for global companies for over 10 years. “Ensuring maximum nodes and speeds in China is critical”, says Joseph Cooke, Director of Web Presence in China, “Moreover, CDNs do not replace hosting behind the firewall”.

WPIC has developed solutions to allow for global offices outside of China to publish and push live from outside of China, into China. “We breakdown the barrier of language and IT understanding in China for companies – thus ensuring seamless and guaranteed uptime,” states Cooke.

The differences in hosting services in China’s developing infrastructure can hamper clear strategic decisions. Customer service, dashboards, and API documentation are often in Chinese and different terminology may be used than its international counterpart.

Defining, budgeting, planning, integrating, and deploying digital assets requires clear and efficient interaction. Having a trusted partner can offer transparency through the process of migrating websites, databases and other assets onto China’s digital space. WPIC develops custom monitoring that can quickly permeate the Great Firewall ensures uptime and control. WPIC also has a CRM system designed to repeatedly hammer through the Great Firewall to ensure your sales leads and other data packets are not lost during times of peak internet usage and the subsequent internet throttling.

Appropriate China web hosting is crucial to ensure speed, scalability and stability for company digital assets. However, licensing is also required to deploy websites and assets hosted in China. Guidance through the complex legal process is often necessary to obtain an Internet Content Provider (ICP) license and for recovering your domains and intellectual property.