Discripto™. China data. Unlocked.

DiscriptoWhat is Discripto?

Discripto™ (WPIC’s High-powered Distributed Script Engine), is a powerful China data tool that programmatically downloads the Chinese internet based on specific parameters, then indexes and overlays the data to provide useful insights to provide clear decision making for maximum impact. Providing clear and accurate data and trends for the Chinese market, Discripto™ is a unique and unparalleled business intelligence, IT and marketing tool. As a China-hosted platform, it guarantees 99.9% data accuracy. In essence, this powerful platform unlocks and unravels the mysteries of the Chinese digital marketplace. Users are given access to essential market data, such as, transactional volumes, revenue forecasts, growth opportunities and product trends, market sentiment of a brand and trademark infrindgement. With enormous amounts of high quality data available, optimizing your China growth strategy has never been easier and more predictable.

From the technical perspective, Discripto™ can process, memorize and run an infinite number of scripts. It runs the scripts by particular parameters, in different locations without fragmenting any information. The software is primarily developed for use by network resource-based applications. Companies will find Discripto™ to be an indispensable tool to manage their scripts and access market data. The script engine is unique as it is enhanced with task management and block-detection mechanisms. These mechanisms allow clients to block specific scripts, which enables the system to avoid assigning any tasks to it for a certain amount of time.

Why Discripto?

When entering into or making investments in the Chinese market, it is important to remember that tastes and preferences may alter drastically. Products that might be popular in one country, may not be in another and vice versa. Discripto’s™ scraping technology can trace up to 5 years’ worth of data, enabling companies to identify current market activity and to roughly forecast future performance based on patterns and trends.

The platform is able to identify search volume metrics for any company in China. In other words, it will demonstrate how many times the company was mentioned in the main search engines in China as well as the evolving market demand that exists. This in-depth China data will allow companies to increase search engine efforts, drive the website’s visits up and boost conversion rates. In addition, given the search volume results organizations can improve their SEO/SEM strategy. Aside from the search volume data, Discripto™ has the ability to demonstrate revenues of any company during last 5-year period. With essential data on a competitors’ marketplace, companies will be well prepared entering the Chinese market.

In a country where grey-market and counterfeits are the norm, being able to track and remove violators is essential. Through Discripto™, companies can track every site in the Chinese digital space selling their products and compile a total list of resellers, fakers, smugglers and violators.  By comparing this total list to the list of approved resellers, companies can then create a ‘black list’ of violators. This then may be uploaded to Tmall and will ultimately see the sites/sellers removed from the digital space.

Before entering the market, it is important to set up the right pricing strategy for expansion. With no China data available, it will be hard to compete in the market. Discripto™ provides market pricing information for specific companies over the previous 5 years. The data allows users the opportunity to analyze pricing changes (increases/decreases), competitor’s performance (market entrances/exits), product launches and consumer demand. The ability to see the previous 5 years of China data guarantees users a clear and concise view of the overall market demand.

Another outstanding feature of Discripto™ is its data on seasonality. The software will showcase when the highest sales and other market’s activities occur in the market. It is able to sum up the results and demonstrate the seasonality of products for particular companies and industries. Available metrics will provide the company with information on when is the best time to launch products, what season works best for particular products or services and what are the forecasts for the future. Essentially, Discripto™ knows everything about seasonal fluctuations and when the best time to act is.

For largescale companies launching and promoting thousands of products to a new market can be a complicated initative.  As is often the case, the majority of revenue can come from a handful of SKUs as opposed to hundreds or even thousands. Knowing what products offer the highest ROI can save a company a huge sum on unnecessary fees. Discripto™ allows companies to see what products are the most searched for, purchased and popular. By focusing their efforts solely on successful SKUs within the market, companies can hugely reduce costs in inventory, transportation, production, storage, advertising etc. Ultimately, this process allows companies to save both time and money.

In Summary

It is clear from the above information that Discripto™ offers a multitude of benefits. Discripto™ reduces the risk involved in a go-to-market or growth strategy. Rather than estimating, companies have clear, accurate China data to assist their decision making process. By optimizing the early stages of the process companies can save a lot of time and resources. As the software offers extremely high accuracy rates, the information provided is reliable and if used the right way, can produce massive results.

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