Solving the WeChat eCommerce Riddle

WeChat eCommerceFor those who just started reading our blog, the fact that we love WeChat should come as no surprise. Not only is it the largest social media messaging channel in China, you can actually pay your bills, call your friends and even shop online using this technology. There’s even apps inside WeChat that allow you to collaborate on docs and spreadsheets similar to how you would in Google Drive.

Many organizations are already operating in WeChat because it allows you to be in constant contact with your potential clients. WeChat offers two types of accounts: service and subscription. A subscription account is a great fit for those who want to push enormous amounts of content, whereas a service account affords the opportunity to sell products and services. So, before registering, chose wisely the type of account that best suits your business model.

Once registered, this is where the fun begins. Here are 3 tips how to operate in WeChat:

Turn your followers into members – If you didn’t know yet, there is a WeChat membership feature. Its functions allow you to convert followers to members. The great advantage is that once people are members, brands are able to pull demographic and geographic data of the subscribers. Detailed knowledge of potential customers will allow you to adapt the marketing strategies to specific target group and win their loyalty.

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Promote your brand using QR code – You can actively engage potential consumers using QR codes outside of WeChat. It is a code that will redirect them straight to your account. Through this code, it is easy to educate the online community on a product’s and service features as well as establishing trust. Also, don’t forget to put your QR code on other social media channels, such as Weibo and Tencent. It will give you an opportunity to promote your WeChat activities and grab some extra attention from consumers. 

Launch a mini website – This one is our favourite here at Web Presence In China. WeChat is so cool that it even allows you to build a mini website inside the app to provide an outstanding experience for your customers. Interactive and customized website designs inside of WeChat eCommerce will attract a larger customer base and increase brand awareness.

As mentioned above, WeChat eCommerce is a great resource for brands that want to sell in China. It can be confusing to operate on it in the first place, but that is why Web Presence In China is here. Let us know if you need any help with WeChat.

Beijing-based Web Presence In China (WPIC) is an independent, full service digital marketing and IT development agency. WPIC helps businesses with WeChat set up and management. Having over 13 years of on the ground experience in the China digital sector, the firm has worked with over 300 global companies and leads a team of 120 people between their global offices. WPIC supports China and the greater APAC region in digital and IT solutions.