Web Speed Test in China

Web Speed TestToday we are going to test Kate Spade’s website speed inside of China. Slow website loading speeds are a huge issue in China, especially for brands who host outside the China’s borders. Strict Internet regulations, The Great Firewall of China, Cybersecurity, unique Internet sources and channels make the Chinese digital space an unfriendly environment for everyone except locally hosted websites. The average time to load a website in China is 35 seconds, which is not awesome given that more than 50% of traffic will move on from your site if it takes even 3 seconds to load. Apparently we’re a very impatient race these days!

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Kate Spade New York is an American fashion design house and an apparel company. It is known the world over for their high-end clothing, footwear, accessories, and other related products. Kate Spade’s merchandise is widely available for the Chinese online consumer; the brand has an ecommerce platform in the market. To win online in China, brands should have fast web speed to provide a satisfying experience for its users. Here are the results of the website loading time test for http://www.katespade.cn :

Shanghai loading time is unavailable

Beijing loading time is 14.5 seconds

Hong Kong loading time is 14.3 seconds

Note: Hong Kong load time is irrelevant in China, but it further highlights the point of the importance of Mainland China load times.

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