How WeChat Won in China

wechat chinaWe have been talking about Tencent’s WeChat app for a while now, discussing its features and sharing its secret sauce. Yet we haven’t yet analyzed why this app became number one in Mainland China. Why the app, that was launched just a few years ago, won the largest online customer base in China.

Here are 3 reasons why WeChat in China was, is, and will be, one of the most successful social media channels:

Outstanding variety of features

We believe WeChat is a perfect mix of Facebook, Skype and WhatsApp. People can network, talk, message each other as well as read the news, post pictures or videos and even share their favourite songs. But the coolest feature is that since 2014 users can link their credit card to their account and purchase various products and services. Aside from that, any user can create a public account, which will give them an opportunity to promote a particular brand or service through direct communication to potential customers. It also offers an opportunity to share various marketing materials with subscribers. A WeChat official account is a must have for any business that operate in the Chinese online market due to its near 800mm users.

Business friendly

Unlike Facebook, where any type of advertisement costs a fortune, WeChat offers businesses free official account registration where they can promote their services and products to followers. WeChat provides a payment system – WeChat Pay – that allows users to purchase goods and services within the app on their mobile devices. With the rise of WeChat commerce, online wallets became an effective method of payment benefiting both buyer and seller.

Inside the Great Firewall of China

Most Western social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Skype and many others have been blocked in China for a while now. WeChat, on the other hand, started in China and is not censored as such like its Western alternatives. In other words, WeChat has had no competition in the market, which is why it swiftly and easily grew into the social media giant it is today with over 800 million active users.

Whatever you may know and love about your Western social media growth and sales channels is worthless when targeting China, which means you’ll need to register a WeChat official account to start engaging with the Chinese online community.

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