Baidu PPC: 4 Tips to Running a Successful Campaign

Baidu PPCFor all intents and purposes, Baidu is the “Chinese Google” serving over 700 million users. Global companies operating in China exert a tremendous amount of effort maximizing their Baidu strategy. Why you ask? Because Baidu is also the number one channel in China for paid search marketing. Despite ostensibly operating similarly to Google, a quick look under the hood reveals a structure and process that’s very ….. foreign.


There’s a lot of rhetoric in the internet ethos surrounding China’s ‘copycat’ phenomenon, and this is not exactly true. What typically happens is not copying perse, but more of a ‘localization’, which means they get an idea from something happening or existing the in the West (which on its own merit and design would fail miserably in China) and reshape it in whole or in part to make it desirable or functional for the East. This should bear witness to the need for Western companies to exact a similar strategy for their Eastern market strategies. At minimum, all ads and websites should be interpreted (go beyond translation!) using simplified Chinese (vs traditional Chinese). To get the most out of your PPC campaigns, all keywords research, A/B testing etc must have a China-centric intelligence behind them.

24/7 Customer Service

Chinese customers love chatting online, so you need to love chatting online with them. For increased product/customer fit, we highly recommend having an integrated real-time chat on your homepage or landing page so that customers will be able to ask you questions and connect with you, but more importantly give you the opportunity to interact and build a relationship with them. Don’t ever miss a chance to build brand loyalty with your Chinese customers, it goes twice as far in China than it does in the West.

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Emphasize Your Foreignness

You are probably not that thrilled about a product when you see “Made in China”; there’s a stigma attached that generally leads you to believe that it’s quality is going to be on the cheaper end of the scale. Well guess what, Chinese consumers believe the same (at least for the now and present future). To differentiate yourself and your brand in the market it’s never a bad thing to make sure to emphasize your foreignness (waiting for Websters’ approval).

Campaign Optimization

Analytics and data reports are always a big part of any campaigns’ success measuring stick, but Baidu PPC does not integrate with Google Analytics (because everything Google is blocked in China) causing you a massive headache in trying to use the methods you’ve optimized pre-China entry. The good news is you can use Chinalytics® (hey, that’s us!), the leading web analytics software in China (IMHO). You can integrate your Baidu ads with the software to get a detailed data flow which will help you improve your China ad campaigns.

Baidu’s PPC is a great option to boost your ROI, get qualified leads, and increase your website traffic. Following the tips we mentioned above will definitely help you to improve your PPC returns. Nevertheless, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you’d like a free trial.

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