Improve Your Baidu SEO: Social Media

Baidu SEODoes social media marketing affect Baidu’s organic ranking? Not directly, but there is a strong correlation between active social media accounts and the improved rankings of websites on Baidu. In other words, the social media channels would not direct online users to your website, but they would boost your company’s brand awareness. So, even though there is no direct correlation, we believe that properly operating various social media accounts would enhance your SEO on Baidu.

Here are the top 2 channels we believe are “must haves” to improve Baidu SEO:

Sina Weibo

This channel, for all intents and purposes, is the Chinese alternative to twitter. It is considered a micro blogging app where you can upload content, photos and comments. The great thing about Weibo is that Baidu indexes it. In other words, users will see your Weibo account and content when searching for your brand. To improve your ranking on Baidu, your Weibo account should be relevant, have a lot of followers, and have frequent updates and tags. Also, do not forget to verify your account with Baidu since trusted accounts usually get higher ranks. Once the ranking for your Weibo account is high, it will surely boost your website’s traffic.

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This messaging app is our favourite one as you can do just about anything you need to do using it, including search (shhh don’t tell Baidu). You can easily improve your Baidu SEO through pushing various contents to your WeChat Official account. All you have to do is register for a subscription account and post some interesting content pieces that will get plenty of views. Be aware that accounts that are registered outside of China will not be visible to the Chinese user; thus, if you want to target the Chinese online community, you will need someone in China to register it for you.

Just to be clear, social media engagement will not improve your Baidu SEO directly and right away, but it will boost your brand awareness which will end up driving an enormous amount of traffic to your website.

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