Improve your Baidu SEO: Content Marketing

Baidu SEOHave you been thinking about how to get more growth from your web presence strategies in China? If yes, then one of the easiest ways is to optimize your Baidu SEO strategy. And one of the key components of the strategy will be content marketing. But can you use the same content strategies in China that you use in the West and expect similar results? No, and the differences are quite dramatic. Here are the main principles of pushing effective content in order to achieve high rankings on Baidu:

Creative content. As with any other content strategy, you have to create original, high quality content. Baidu will rank the freshest piece of content the highest, that is why updating your website everyday could be a great strategy to stay right on top of the search engine. Moreover, Baidu will rank higher content that comes from websites that have a good reputation. So if your website has had a great ranking previously, you will have a good chance to be on top again.

Stolen Content. Plagiarism, stolen content and content scraping are big issues in China. So before publishing the freshest piece of content on your website, do not forget to submit it to Baidu first. If you publish the content first, and somebody steals your content and submits it to Baidu before you, then you will be seen as the one who stole the original content.

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Content Parameters. Content length should be between 200-800 Chinese symbols. If the piece is too short it will be hard for Baidu to understand the main idea of writing. Another important point is language; all content should be written in simplified Chinese, which is one of the most difficult in the world. You’re definitely going need help from the experts in the field to create high quality and outstanding content.

Even though content marketing is very different in China compared to the West, it is also less mature. Thus, international brands will be able to drive an enormous amount of traffic through creating and publishing compelling content.

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