Top 4 Common Questions Asked about Baidu SEO

Baidu SEOWe talked about Baidu before, and here we are, back to the biggest search engine in China. Making Baidu’s algorithms love you is critical for any business operating in China. When thinking about Baidu and how it works, you can always compare it to Google 2007-08. So, you can imagine that it functions quite differently compared to our everyday friend Google 2017. To help you understand and improve your SEO practices in China, here are our top 4 most commonly asked questions about Baidu SEO:

Do you have to pay Baidu to be ranked?

Only if we’re talking about Baidu PPC services. As for organic search results, you just have to submit your website to Baidu to be ranked. There are various paid ways to improve your ranking on Baidu, but to simply exist on Baidu is free.

Do you need an ICP (Internet Content Provider) license to be ranked on Baidu?

If you want anyone to organically find you on Baidu, then yes, you need to acquire an ICP License. Baidu isn’t going to put forth a site that is slow to respond, and the only way to pass the speed test in China is to be locally hosted within the Great Firewall, and that means you need to have an ICP license.

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Do you need to translate your website? 

Yes, to be organically ranked on Baidu, your website should be flawlessly translated into simplified Chinese so the search engine can read the text. Moreover, using an electronic translator (such as Google translator) is not a good option in this case, since it will not produce a high quality translation (to put it mildly). And don’t just have your site professionally translated, hire a professional interpreter to re-write your site’s contents.

Can you use Google Analytics to get your website’s data to improve SEO? 

Not really. Google analytics (GA) is available in China, but because a lot of Google products and services are blocked in China, GA provides unreliable data. But the good news is that there are great web analytics software options, such as our own Chinalytics. Hosted inside of China, the data does not need to pass through the firewall (guaranteeing accuracy), and does not slow down web load speeds. It also gives an opportunity to understand everything about your visitors, including location, in-depth attribution, individual user journey, IP tracking, and where users go after visiting your website.

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