WeChat in China: Optimize your Strategy with Data and Analytics.

WeChat in ChinaWeChat in China

We’ve been running plenty of WeChat stuff out to you recently, yet there are still so many topics that have not been covered. One of them is how to optimize your WeChat strategy using visitors’ data and analytics. We mentioned earlier that Google Analytics is partially blocked in China which is why you cannot rely on that data when creating your China strategy.

So where do companies get the analytics from?

In order to collect user data, a web analytics platform should be integrated together with WeChat. Today, the leading software in the Chinese market is Chinalytics®. Chinalytics® has become a must have for businesses who are present online in China. Chinalytics® will not only allow discovery of WeChat data, but also provides website analytics inside China’s firewall.

Web Presence In China is offering a 30-day Free Trial of Chinalytics® to experience all the cool features of the software.

Why do you need WeChat analytics?

Web analytics is more than just downloading a report on website traffic. It is all about accuracy and application. With WeChat analytics you will be able to understand everything about your potential customers. WeChat user data is the secret key to making the most out of the WeChat Official account. Detailed analytics will give you an opportunity to tailor and change marketing and promotion strategies according to potential customer behaviour to drive revenue.

Do you know the conversion rate of your WeChat account?

Another great reason to set up Chinalytics® is to get a sense of your WeChat account’s conversion rate. Why is this important? If you are investing an outstanding amount of time and money into advertising a brand on WeChat and the conversion rate is close to 0%, then you are probably doing something wrong. Furthermore, WeChat data will allow you to identify the areas of marketing activities your brand should invest in. So, in a nutshell, we believe web analytics is crucial for any brand operating anywhere.

Let us know if you have any questions regarding web analytics in China.

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