WeChat in China: Improve Your SEO

WeChat in ChinaToday we are going to discuss WeChat SEO. Yes, you read it right; there are some SEO practices that help you to be visible in WeChat. When users are trying to add new contacts or find something specific in WeChat, they type keywords into the search bar, and this is where your SEO can send you to the top of those search results. If you have an official account in WeChat, having an outstanding SEO strategy will surely increase brand awareness among the WeChat users.

So, how are WeChat search results ranked?

WeChat’s search mechanism works similarly to our old friend Google. WeChat bases its rankings on 4 major factors:

  1. Authority – depends on the level of verification. WeChat verification is the most influential one to get.
  2. Relevance – based on the similarity between a search inquiry and the account’s name, meta description, and summary of the posts.
  3. Popularity – based on the number of followers, reads and reposts.
  4. Frequency – based on how often you update your account

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This is, unfortunately, not an exhaustive list of the search mechanisms used to rank accounts, but the four mentioned above will definitely improve your account visibility. For those who do not have an official account yet, here is how to register a WeChat corporate account.

Here at Web Presence In China, we are experts in the Chinese digital space, especially in WeChat marketing and management. We’ve been in China a long, long time, and have paid the dues we’re trying to help our customers avoid. If you have any questions or need help, let us know and we’ll rock your account.

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