One of the most important markers of a successful business is its return on investment as an indicator of efficiency and profitability. Since 2005, Web Presence in China has been proudly driving ROI for our clients who need to advertise in China. The numbers say it all — our satisfied customers have enjoyed an incredible year thanks to our services with our clients seeing a combined increase of 2600% within a year, a 50% reduction in cost-per-lead, and a 400% increase in followers within six months.

Web Presence in China understands the complexities and nuances of an effective advertising campaign. We know how to quickly move the needle through aggressive marketing drives that are both consumer friendly and that produce measurably impressive results.

Through a powerful combination of data research and content creation and design that captivates and inspires, our high-intensity campaigns get proven results. Our satisfied clients enjoy our committed dedication to optimization and the push for conversions. If you need effective advertising in China that computes into quantifiable numbers, look no further.

Some of the world’s largest companies trust us with their marketing campaigns to deliver their messages and to target their existing and soon-to-be customers. A partnership with Web Preserve in China means more than just hiring a digital agency, it means enjoying the benefits of a company with a proven track record of success for some of the world’s most successful businesses.

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Image: AB Sciex - PPC


Aggressive Tactics for Big Wins Fast

400% increase in leads within 3 months. Lofty sales goals require aggressive marketing tactics. WPIC developed a full closed-loop sales process and was able to closely track conversions and ultimately ROI. Advertising accounts were set up on China’s largest platforms and an optimized PPC campaign was launched to specifically target AB Sciex’s niche B2B market. Ongoing A:B testing ensures…

Image: Radiometer - SEO


Top Positions for Massive Traffic

WPIC achieved a #1 position for 57 Radiometer keywords, top 5 for 77 keywords and first page for another 75. As a result, the Radiometer China website saw massive increases in organic traffic. With ongoing efforts, WPIC made the won keywords highly competitive, deterring competition from attempting to steal the top ranks. In China, low-hanging fruit is ripe for the picking. A professional on…

Image: Tourism Vancouver - Social Media

Social Media

Build a Community of Visitors

Vancouver has become a top destination for Chinese tourists since its meteoric rise in wealth and desire for international travel. Tourism Vancouver (Tvan) continues its aggressive marketing strategies to attract new visitors every year and approached WPIC for a hi-octane social media push. Tvan’s chosen social media account on the Sina Weibo was revamped and strategies re-written. Leveraging T…

Image: USMEF - Social Media

Social Media

Selling the Sizzle: Customising China Social

No Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Youtube. The social media environment in China is it’s own species and demands a unique approach. United States Meat and Export Federation (USMEF) approached WPIC to accelerate their presence in the China meat market. WPIC built the infrastructure and design and developed a fast loading, bilingual website tailored to target specific market sectors. The websit…

Image: Ubuntu - Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

Serve the Community With Engaging Ideas

In the digital space, content is king. Creating and disseminating content and gathering feedback provide a company with control over how it’s viewed and helps foster community and buy in. Canonical approached WPIC to launch a thought leadership campaign for Ubuntu software and products. Target groups were identified and KPIs such as contest sign-ups, work submitted, and event attendees were set…