Busy Investors Have No Time to Wait

Government of BC – Custom Development

British Columbia thrives as a top destination for China investment dollars. Chinese digital marketing plays a huge role in attracting new investors.

Government of BC’s mandate was to drive China outbound investment into BC’s largest industries. Visitors to the website are high wealth individuals with little time to spare.

For a fast loading website, localization of the server within China was required. WPIC managed the migration of the site into China, including custom architecture and adaptation to China’s cloud-based server infrastructure.

Due to slow Internet speeds within China, the next step was to optimize the website and then configure the user experience, so visitors could access info quickly within an intuitive and beautiful digital space.

The ground up optimization and localization allowed Government of BC to progress with their marketing strategies, without being held back by poor content delivery.

These marketing strategies significantly contribute to rising China inbound investment. You can’t do business if you’re not on the radar.

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