Starting From Scratch to Big Wins Fast

Crucial – Enterprise

WPIC achieved a 774% increase in SSD sales and a 464% increase in DRAM sales for Crucial within six months.

Anything is possible in a massive market quickly evolving into a consumer-driven economy.

Crucial’s brand standing and control of messaging is critical for their position in the market. Building an on-brand and localized Chinese website and localization of their renowned “Memory Selector” established Crucial as a brand to reckon with. Leveraging the endorsement and accessing the ecommerce powerhouse of Tmall was elected as the POS strategy. WPIC and Crucial created a world-class Ecommerce website using Tmall for quick wins without the complexity of a standalone Ecommerce site.

WPIC hosted the site and memory selector in China for fast load times and stability during busy times to minimize lead loss through the Great Firewall. WPIC produced the eighth JavaScript exception in Tmall history and its entity relationship table was created with 300,000+ entries.

With so many products and a complex tech setup, Crucial needed help with daily operations. WPIC provided a variety of services including maintenance of the website, checking customer forms and system performance, link checking, ongoing load time tests, content maintenance, archiving, back-up and disaster recovery for their entire digital presence. WPIC also performed ongoing maintenance of Tmall store, YouKu Channel, WeiTao account, and other social platforms.

Communication cadence was established with third party vendors and performance tracked and reported. Offsite and onsite SEO was performed and top rankings were achieved resulting in 28% of Crucial’s keywords in the top 10 search results on Baidu in a very competitive category.

A detailed marketing plan was developed quarterly and previous media performance tracked and recommendations provided. WPIC provided advertising management, media negotiations and placement, as well as distribution of press releases.
Introducing Crucial to the market, positioning the brand appropriately and ensuring high traffic out of the gate were all bottom line elements of the project. The marketing strategy was to drive traffic from Baidu to the Tmall POS page. WPIC built trust via KOLs, ratings, community building and engagement.

Developing, launching, managing and optimizing Crucial’s entire China digital presence resulted in phenomenal ROI and established the brand as a key player in its industry.

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