Strong Data for Balanced Decisions

Lululemon – Data Research & Scraping

WPIC was commissioned to run a market assessment research project for Lululemon to be used in the China rollout strategy. Data was scraped from direct competitors on Tmall to create 200,000 plus data points for analysis. Scraped data and reports were used in developing a baseline view of where competitors currently stand in the market and what categories are over and underperforming.

Tmall, JD, and standalone stores were scraped and then cross-referenced to illustrate price differentials and rollout strategy for main product categories; i.e. what major differences between platforms exist and what are the main drivers that attract new registrants. Top 10 products were identified on each ecommerce platform and their price differentials between competitors.

Baidu search volume and PPC analysis not only provided insight into which keywords may be low-hanging fruit, but in which combinations people are or are not searching for Lululemon product (i.e. areas to improve/double-down).

Demographics were pulled from the Tmall and Baidu backend to uncover users’ gender, geographic locations and keyword growth. This gave Lululemon a clear indication of who, where, and when they should allocate marketing and inventory resources.

All content from several key opinion leaders was scraped and dissected to provide insight into what makes them tick and why consumers see them as a leader. The final product was a KOL acquisition, development, and retention strategy.

Overall, WPIC provided Lululemon with the information necessary to allocate resources to the appropriate Ecommerce platform, import and stock the right amounts of inventory at the right time at the right price, achieve top rankings with accurate SEO, and choose the right KOL’s for a powerful thought leadership program.

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