A Buffet of Data for Informed Decisions

OpenRice – Analytics

For the OpenSnap app to dominate the Chinese app stores, OpenRice required insight and understanding of the Chinese mobile app landscape. Alongside OpenRice stakeholders, WPIC helped define what questions needed to be asked, in order to focus and maximize value of the final research reports and presentations.

The two-month research project focused primarily on determining the best market segments and developing a marketing plan on and off app store channels. Secondary goals were to recommend app store and media partners based on available reach and promotion opportunities. Data was also provided on competitors including the top apps, search volumes, PPC competitiveness, existing thought leadership, and other data that would present clear opportunities and threats.

WPIC’s proprietary and custom programmatic scraping technology was deployed to scrape 200,000+ data points over a 30-day period, giving a month-long snapshot that encapsulated 95% of the Chinese app market. App users were segmented and value hierarchies set for executing an effective marketing plan. Positioning and app feature recommendations were delivered in a concise format, with WPIC data analyst teams giving clear recommendations.

Competitive summary, user profiles, forecasts and growth plans were presented and app functionality recommendations were delivered. WPIC delivered specific promotion plans for various marketing strategies such as content marketing, SEO, display advertising and influencer outreach (and more) to help OpenRice move the needle quick in China.

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