Eliminate the Black and Grey

Pantone – Counterfeit

Counterfeit products, trademark infringement and grey market resellers are top concerns for recognise international brands doing business in China. By removing these violators from the digital space, companies can experience dramatic increases in revenue and retain total control over the brand experience.

Pantone approached WPIC to eliminate black market violators from numerous platforms including its preferred third party ecommerce space: Tmall. A custom and comprehensive programmatic scrape was launched, which collected every instance of the Pantone brand. A whitelist and blacklist were produced to protect approved vendors. WPIC leveraged its long-standing relationships with various platforms (Tmall, JD, Taobao, Baidu and others) to remove any instances of trademark infringement.

Through this, Pantone was the only result on Tmall after 12 months. Other platforms require ongoing trademark protection monitoring and actions and is a worthwhile investment for the increase in visibility and traffic and ultimately, ROI.

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