Top Positions for Massive Traffic

Radiometer – SEO

WPIC achieved a #1 position for 57 Radiometer keywords, top 5 for 77 keywords and first page for another 75.

As a result, the Radiometer China website saw massive increases in organic traffic. With ongoing efforts, WPIC made the won keywords highly competitive, deterring competition from attempting to steal the top ranks.

In China, low-hanging fruit is ripe for the picking. A professional onsite and offsite SEO campaign ensures control of high-traffic keywords before others join the fray. WPIC optimized the Radiometer website, with a 700% improvement in page load times, benefitting the unique brand experience and ultimately conversions.

A website with form fills effectively captures lead data for conversions. By partnering with Chinalytics, WPIC can offer a best-in-class web analytics data for further optimizations. Data such as where visitors came from, where they went after your site, where they visited on your site, and their IP address which is useful in preventing click-fraud, as well as for further marketing efforts.

WPIC SEO campaigns ramp up organic traffic and is a cost effective and long-term strategy to stand above the rest.

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