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Workday – Legal

Top-level control over company assets is critical for strategic agility in China’s rapidly changing business landscape. Workday’s Internet Service Provider (ISP) had the government-approved licenses of their web assets (ie. Internet Content Provider License) rolled into a hosting service contract. This would provide problematic if Workday chose to change hosting services or if the websites were shut down for unknown reasons.

WPIC regained control of Workday assets by leading the legal and documentation processes.  By implementing best-practice procedures and leveraging relationships with established legal channels, WPIC was able to quickly pass over full control of assets and provide consultation to avoid repeat events.

Removing road blocks by obtaining the proper licenses and with ongoing legal advice, foreign companies are able to implement compliant strategic decisions.

Key concerns are building a compliant website and licenses to enable hosting digital assets in China. Compliance and in-China hosting offer a range of benefits from better stability, uptime and a 500% average faster load time. Baidu also rewards SERP’s that have ICP, allowing websites to rank higher, boosting organic traffic. Workday approached WPIC to gain control of their Internet Content Provider (ICP) licenses for multiple standalone website instances.

The legal space in China is complex and can be difficult to navigate. WPIC provides over 12 years of corporate legal consulting experience within the China framework. WPIC solves issues on compliance, finance, licensing, cross-border administration & auditing, domain recovery, trademark protection and more.

If you have legal and administrative challenges, we’ll solve them.

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