Combining over 60 years experience in China and APAC markets, WPIC leadership are experts in their fields for driving top ROI for your company.

Working closely with Canadian and US governments, as well as the world’s largest companies, our team has consistently exceeded expectations by keeping our eye on your bottom line.

Jacob Cooke


A founder of Web Presence In China, Jacob started the agency in Beijing in 2004, as an alternative for the many western organizations frustrated by China’s numerous obstacles to brick and mortar sales. His passion for performance marketing based on technical arbitrage soon garnered a reputation for unmatched ROI on digital marketing campaigns.  Having earned a Chinese degree in computer science, Jacob is in the vanguard of China’s online revolution, drastically reducing curves for clients tapping the world’s biggest online population. A featured speaker at FT Innovate Asia, and described by BRIC Magazine as China’s “Go-To Digital Man”, Jacob is a rising influencer of digital advertising in emerging markets.

Joseph Cooke


Joseph is a founder of Web Presence in China, where he drives growth and enterprise relationships with brands looking to engage and succeed in China’s Internet marketplace. Joseph deals adeptly with the complexities of global business development, oversees strategic planning, and deployment of cross border projects. He was recognized for his excellence in the field with an appointment as the youngest executive within Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts.  Awarded BC’s Top Young Entrepreneur by Advancing Canadian Entrepreneurship and CIBC as well as a national accolade in the same forum, Joseph was cited for both his exceptional big picture thinking and attention to detail. Named “One to Watch” by Capilano University, Joseph has a fast growing reputation as a problem solver in China’s digital space.

Terry Williams

General Manager

Terry leads production in creating, managing, and communicating best-practice digital campaigns and tech solutions. In 2003, Terry started his career at Johnson and Johnson working on systems implementation, management, and reporting with a focus on bridging tech with marketing, sales, and process excellence efforts. Over several years, he received numerous accolades for his work. Since then, he has worked his way around the world, having managed teams in Taiwan and Beijing. At Web Presence in China, Terry believes that tangible results, consistency, and active communications have been key in WPIC’s rise to the top of digital in China.

Hamed Abdullahpour


Hamed is an award-winning manager, programmer and data expert, developing the proprietary software that gives Web Presence in China’s clients a competitive advantage. Innovative CTO’s with world class programming skills and talent are rare; Hamed is rarer still in adding excellent management skills that result in great work delivered on time by his team of experienced programmers. Having obtained a master’s in software engineering from top Chinese university Tsinghua, he is comfortable in an international programming environment, taking the lead on innovative software solutions that translate into wins for WPIC clients.

Justine Li

China Finance Director

Receiving accolades for her work streamlining financial operations and strategic financial restructuring for rapid growth, Justine has a passion for getting things done right and an appreciation for details. Justine’s experience managing The Export Import Bank of China and a Masters in Management and MSc in Strategic Organisational Consultancy translate into accurate financial forecasting and robust HR policy development. Her proficiency in all aspects of corporate accounting and all pertinent GAAP rules translates to transparent and compliant records. Fluency in English, French and Chinese give the finance department an international voice and access to leading edge policy development.

Danny Hu

Senior Account Manager

Danny has extensive background experience in offline marketing management, which serves her clients well in the digital space. Noted for her innovative approach to executing high-ROI campaigns, Danny is always proactive in taking on the tough work that gives her clients the competitive edge, be it hard bargaining with ad account reps, or crunching sales data for customer insights. “Each day presents both easy ways and a right way to manage my client’s accounts,” says Danny. “I always choose the right way, and that makes our campaigns successful, without fail.”

AJ MacFarlane

Senior Sales Manager

AJ is an operations and logistics expert, responsible for driving global growth and continued market leadership by delivering and supporting all Web Presence in China products and services to established and new markets around the world. Previously Regional Sales Manager for Air Canada, AJ was in charge of operations and growth of the Western Canada market. AJ holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from the British Columbia Institute of Technology. AJ's inspirational sales team leadership and breadth of knowledge in the digital field ensures his potential clients can make well-informed strategic decisions within short timelines.

Hilary Li

Director of Accounts

Hilary is a senior account manager at Web Presence In China, ensuring optimal performance for key client campaigns. Hilary demonstrates the human potential in China being unlocked by the online revolution. Graduating with a master’s degree in linguistics, Hilary quickly immersed herself in digital marketing, proving particularly adept at search engine and display advertising. “Good digital marketing demands both artistic and scientific skills,” she says. “Creating good advertising is art, while testing, tracking data, and managing campaigns is a science.”

Soheyb Alouach

Senior Programmer

Soheyb is a Full Stack developer who writes well-documented, robust code in almost any programming language. Completing his Masters in Computer Science at the prestigious EPITECH, Soheyb can create complex digital architecture including programmatic scrapers, script processors, payment gateways, and much more. He has developed intranet and open code management platforms for global car brands and donation and sponsorships systems for charities. “My range of experience in software development, ecommerce, and enterprise architecture helps me understand our clients needs from a birds eye view”.

Jessie Jin

Data Analysis Team Leader

WPIC’s programmatic scraping technology can produce millions of data points to assist a broad range of strategic directives. Jessie leads a team of senior and junior data analysts to compile, filter and condense this data into concise and useful market research and business intelligence reports. Jessie’s skills from her MBA from Bournemouth and experience in Finance and Digital Marketing, translates into accurate, deep data reports with pinpointed recommendations for maximum ROI. Delivering robust, useable information in a short timeline allows our clients to quickly make the best decisions, the first time around.