eCommerce in China vs. the West: The Top 3 Differences

ecommerce in China

Over the last two weeks we’ve been discussing the uniqueness of China’s ecommerce industry. Hopefully you’ve found them useful, and if you need a refresher you can go here to access the archive. Today we wrap up our ecommerce in China topics with our final blog post of the series, discussing the 3 prevailing differences in ecommerce between China and the West. Our following opinions and insights w…

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China Cross-border eCommerce Strategy

cross-border ecommerce

We have discussed ad nauseum in this space about the boom in cross-border ecommerce for foreign brands marketing to the Chinese consumer. In an attempt to grab a piece of the pie, global organizations are using any means necessary to expand into China’s market, and most are losing not only the battle, but millions of dollars doing it. Further muddying the waters is China’s weak enforcement of IP p…

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China Ecommerce Platforms to Target for Foreign Brands

China eCommerce

So you want to go to China, without ‘actually’ going to China. You’d love to access the near-billion customers you envision salivating in wait for your products, but building a local office there seems like a risky and resource-consuming venture. And you don’t exactly speak fluent Mandarin. Ok fine, option #2 is going in digitally, which is exactly what you should do. Level up young grasshopper. B…

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Selling to China – Ecommerce in the Middle Kingdom

China ecommerce

Why the growth has just begun and how you can take advantage. “China’s ecommerce is booming!” That is an indirect quote from Captain Obvious. Also could have been Jack Ma, who has a penchant for the ‘overstatement’, as evidenced by his recent remarks to Donald Trump that “Alibaba will create 1 million US jobs by enabling 1 million American small businesses and farmers to sell American goods to…

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Top 3 Ways to Promote Your Brand in China.

brand in China

In our previous blog post we explored just how crucial it is for a company to create strong brand awareness in the Chinese market. The main challenge facing almost all global brands is that they have to start all marketing activities from scratch; the Chinese online community is very isolated due to the many internet regulations and China’s Firewall so despite your best efforts to be known in the…

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Brand Building in China

Brand in China

China is a challenging market to operate in, just ask Marks and Spencer. Less than a year after opening a 10th retail location amidst a wave of optimistic rhetoric from its top executives, they are pulling out of China altogether, and swiftly. Adam Colton, Marks and Spencer’s Managing Director for Greater China cited “low brand awareness” as one of the key reasons they were unable to pull out a wi…

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5 Essential Marketing Tips for China

Marketing China

Marketing in China has always been a unique endeavor; the Chinese market has been booming for a while now and 1.3 billion people, $9 trillion GDP and triple digit growth will make anyone’s eyes pop, but foreign brands are still struggling to enter or operate in the market there. One of the keys to success when operating in China is to have effective marketing communications. So with that in mind,…

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Lacoste Web Speed Test in China

Lacoste web speed

Website loading speed is a big issue for foreign brands that operate in China. Strict internet regulations, China’s Firewall, unique internet sources and channels make the Chinese digital space an unfriendly environment for Western brands. In China, foreign websites have an average load time of 35 seconds. Over 50% of people expect websites to load within 2 seconds or less. Lacoste is a French…

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Top 10 Baidu SEO Tips

Baidu SEO

In our previous blog we discussed the value of deploying resources towards SEO on Baidu. In short, it’s crucial for businesses operating in the Chinese market. And because we know how easy it is to find all the information you need to rock your SEO efforts in China (wink wink) here are top our top 10 Baidu SEO tips: Language - All website content, keywords and meta tags should be written in s…

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Baidu SEO: How Visible Are You in China?

Baidu SEO

For all intents and purposes, Baidu is the “Google” of China, which makes it one of the most powerful Internet tools for B2B businesses that are looking to establish a China presence or improve their existing one. According to StatCounter, Baidu is China’s largest search engine with just over 76% of the market share as of March 2017 and claim to not only know China better, but also know the Chines…

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