UGG’s Web Speed Test in China

web speed test

Today we are going to test UGG’s website speed inside of China. Slow website loading speeds are a huge issue in China, especially for brands who host outside the China’s borders. Some of the reasons are Strict Internet regulations, The Great Firewall of China, Cybersecurity, unique Internet sources and channels. The Chinese digital space is an unfriendly environment for everyone except locally hos…

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Advertising in the Middle Kingdom: Google vs Baidu

google vs baidu

Despite Google’s stranglehold on being the largest search engine in the World, China is another conversation altogether. What a surprising number of people still fail to recognize is that after being censored in 2010 in China, local search engines have dominated the market to the point of rendering Google a non-factor there. Baidu continues its reign at the top with an estimated 76% of the market…

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