E-Store vs. Brick & Mortar: WPIC advises Canadian SME’s

China E-Store

This video series is developed by The Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) network in China and targets the needs of Canadian small-to-medium enterprises doing business, or considering to do business, in China. The videos focus on providing SMEs with expert advice on a variety of topics ranging from setting up a business presence in China, to protecting intellectual property, to leveraging e-commerce.…

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China Ecommerce – Leveraging Digital Platforms for Market Success

Ecommerce in China is growing at a phenomenal rate and has surpassed the US in total online purchases as of 2013. In conjunction with The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service, WPIC's Jacob and Joseph Cooke walk the viewer through best-practice market entry strategies and go through the benefits of standalone ecommerce versus third party platforms.…

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How Big Data Can Help Your China E-Commerce Strategy

China’s e-commerce industry continues to grow, but it’s a complex market, with a few leading players like Alibaba and Yihaodian and a fast-growing number of niche vertical sites. Careful use of big data is a critical to success in this online sales market—if you can get it. Find out more this week on “Thoughtful China,” when host Trevor Lai talks with Jacob Cooke, CEO, of Web Presence in China, ab…

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