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Competitive Intelligence

Transform China’s web into structured data.

Chinalytic’s distributed script processing platform is a high-octane Big Data engine for programmatic scraping, data processing, archiving and custom functions, built for the China web and beyond. It is the unique and unparalleled Business Intelligence, IT, and Marketing tool helping you data mine your way to greater success.


Our Big Data Platform can access a vast amount of data valued at over $1 Trillion across various web platforms, providing out clients with valuable insights and clarity into the Chinese market.

How can it help with my bottom line?

If you need to know every thing about your Competitors, The Market, Landscape, Metrics, Trademark Infringements and Counterfeit Issues, then our Big Data Scraping Software is the only tool you will ever need.

Planning your brand’s digital ecosystem for business growth.

Market Intelligence

Programmatic data scraping provides a full analysis through easy-to-read reports, helping you fully understand the market.

Presents clients with a complete picture of the market with Business Intelligence inputs and delivers associated Market Analysis outputs.

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Online Reputation Management

  • Identify the source and scale of the negative sentiment/content.
  • Gain insights of public voice and develop a strategic plan to counter.
  • Remove violators from web, improve SEO, and capture organic traffic.

    Case Studies


    Lululemon benefitted immensely from our data scraping software that enabled it to scrape data from its direct competitors on Tmall, creating 200,000 plus data points for analysis. Demographics were pulled from the Tmall and Baidu backend to uncover user’s gender, geographic locations, and keyword growth. An inventory analysis of size, color, etc., provided a strong warehouse strategy to support greater business growth.

    See how data insights helped Lululemon today.

    Tmall, JD scrape
    Top rankings achieved through accurate SEO

    Standalone store scrape
    Baidu search volume analysis

    PPC analysis
    KOL acquisition, development, and retention strategy


    Pernod Ricard was able to understand how their customers were reacting to them through an increased volume of valuable data. This was key in gauging success and also drawing insights for future growth. As a business knowing how your customers’ feel about your products is key for success. Entries such as user reviews, product feedback, service feedback forms etc., were analyzed from China’s major platforms.

    See how data insights helped Pernod Ricard today.

    Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs scraped
    Tmall/Taobao/JD scrape

    Market landscape collection
    Market selling strategies

    Consumer feeling by brand
    25,600 SKUs

      “With greater insights from the market assessment research project provided, we were able to build a solid China rollout strategy. This not only helped us prepare for entering China’s market but also helped us build a solid China acquisition strategy.”

      Marketing DIrector

      “Being able to analyze customer sentiment on China’s landscape strongly helped us deliver on customer experience and develop on product quality. As a business executive understanding content emotion is essential to remaining competitive in the market and improving marketing strategies. Our solution was Chinalytics Market Intelligence.”

      Business Executive

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        Whether you are new to web scraping or already have an understand of how it works we can help you see and understand the benefits and value of data extraction on China’s web and across all Chinese platforms. This tool is intended for beginners as well as experts and support is available for both. 

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